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Splashtop Streamer 3.4

Install the client app to access Windows and MAC computers remotely
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Splashtop Streamer is a program that allows your computer to be accessed from other devices.
You will be able to share your computer´s content with other users (or yourself) across the Internet, or your local area network. This way, users with Splashtop Remote Desktop will be able to access your computer as if they were sitting in front of it, from any place in the world. They will be able to play movies stored in your PC, your files and use the programs installed on it. If you have Splashboard Whiteboard installed on your iPad, you can turn it into a remote control that will let you play presentations stored in your computer, and make notes on them. If you have Splashtop XDisplay on your iPad, it will let you use it as a second monitor from the PC that has the Streamer installed. With Splashtop TouchPad installed on your iPod or iPhone you will be able to control your computer using those devices as a remote control.

A computer with the Splashtop Streamer can receive connections from any device running Splashtop Remote Desktop, Splashtop Remote Browser, Splashtop Whiteboard, Splashtop XDisplay or Splashtop Touchpad applications.

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